With the arrival of lower temperatures comes the promise of winter to Illinois, which means icy and snowy roads. To better ensure that you make it to your destination and keep your car insurance premiums from increasing, do yourself a favor and brush up on winter driving tips.

AAA Exchange has several useful suggestions for you to keep in mind when you get behind the wheel. Even if you have lived in the area for years, it never hurts to go back to winter-driving basics.

Accelerate and decelerate slowly 

With both speeding up and braking, you need to do so slowly. A light touch to the gas and brake better helps you avoid skidding out, allowing for better control. This is an especially good tip to bear in mind at stoplights.

Remain at home 

When bad weather is in the forecast, consider staying home. Ask your employer about working from home, and try to arrange your schedule so that you can run all your errands before snow and ice bury the streets.

Maintain a generous following distance 

Leave even more room between you and other vehicles when you do have to drive on snow and ice. Doing so allows you more space to come to a full stop and avoid an unnecessary incident. Specifically, aim for keeping between five and six seconds’ worth of following distance between you and other vehicles. Hopefully, drivers around you remember to do the same.

Use inertia to make it up hills

When driving up hills, the key is to ensure that you give yourself enough momentum before you reach the incline. That way, you have an easier time successfully making it over the hill without worrying so much about spinning out when you have to press the gas.

Hopefully, you can make it through this winter without either causing or finding yourself involved in an auto accident. Take your time, and try your best to remain calm while behind the wheel.